Civil Site Design v20.1

Civil Site Design v20.1 is now released and available for download.

Civil Site Design v20.1 is now available for download via the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal.  For existing customers, a direct link to download will also be available from the Welcome Screen.

This release is supported on any of the following platforms:

  • Civil 3D 2015 to Civil 3D 2020 
  • AutoCAD 2015 to AutoCAD 2020 
  • BricsCAD V18 and BricsCAD V19

Change of Data Format – Backwards Compatibility

As part of the evolution of the software we have had to edit the data structures in this release.  Any project opened using Civil Site Design v19.20 wil update the CSD data structures to v19 format, which is incompatible with previous versions.  There is no impact on the drawing file (.dwg).

Updated Licensing System and New License Keys

This release is available to all current Subscription customers.  The license is unchanged from the Civil Site Design v18.2111 & v19.01 releases.  If you are running Civil Site Design v17 or earlier, you will need to obtain your v18 license key (available to all current subscription customers):Download from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal

Full details for installation and licensing are contained in the Licensing and Installation Guide.

Download access for the workstation software and the network licensing system is available from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal 

What’s New

For a complete list of new features, fixes and other important information please refer to the Readme document.

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • The Vertical Grading Editor, Cross Section Window & Model Viewer now includes new shortcuts to assist with display:
    • Vertical Grading Editor
      • Minimise / Maximise the ribbon display: CTRL + D
      • Zoom extents: Double click mouse wheel
    • Cross Section Window
      • Minimise / Maximise the ribbon display: CTRL + H
      • Cycle through Cross Sections: Mouse scroll over cross section window ribbon
      • Show Crossfall as % with a max user defined slope: Cross Section window display settings
    • Model Viewer
      • Minimise / Maximise the ribbon display: CTRL + H
  • New Network Strings forms. These include new hover graphics and help text.
    • Kerb Return
      • Improved form
      • Option to apply a template of your choice and override the batter / daylight slopes if using the AUTO template.
    • Cul-de-Sac
      • Improved form
      • Option to pick the associated road string within the drawing.
      • Option to move the position of the CL end point within the cul-de-sac.
    • Knuckle
      • Improved form
      • Option to pick the associated road string within the drawing.
      • Option to add fitted curves between the automatic design
    • Roundabout
      • Improved form
  • Model Builder
    • New startup form with additional help text to assist users
  • Paste Surfaces on/off ‘Stacked Surfaces’. This will stack surfaces on top of each other rather than combine.
  • Option to keep the Pasted Surface design codes and use the render materials in Model Viewer
  • Cross Section Plotting through surfaces
    • When plotting through any alternative surface, users can now choose Surfaces from the bands list. Surfaces that have design codes (models) will have the codes respected for the offsets and the all crossfalls displayed where necessary.
  • Civil Site Design Cogo Points
    • Create dynamic points from blocks in the drawing
    • Create point groups to create Civil Site Design surfaces
  • Line Curve Table tool to generate a table of polyline geometry

This release includes addressing issues raised by customers and identified through internal testing.  For details see the readme.

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